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" Our experience with Pega Eventos exceeded our expectations. We had all the support from organizing the convention, accommodation, tickets, suggestions and tips for the program, speaker, food and costing, always within our budget. We had all the support during the event. . The staff is very helpful and pleasant in the services."

Ligia Maria Parisi


Events Coordinator 

" Pega Eventos is part of a new history for our brand, due to the events that were organized by its team, which made us very proud. One aspect that I consider extremely important is Pega's ability to work with a focus on details. talking about a happy, intense and very satisfying marriage."

Telma Amorim


Training Supervisor 

" Promptness, organization and efficiency are Pega's strengths. We were very well taken care of, from the moment the event was conceived to its final execution."

Carlos Alberto Ferreira

 We created a joke within the company that is "Don't leave home without your Pega Eventos" whenever we can, we will hire them to be calm about focusing on our business, which is event content and not on organization and logistics, that part we leave it to the magpie.”

Fabio Salama

" We held an internal event for our network and we relied on the Pega Eventos team to help us with every detail, from planning to final execution. It was the first time we worked together and I'm sure we'll do many other events together. It's a team At first."

Christiano Evers

Marketing manager

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