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Onebusiness mission organized for those lookingexpand a LOT of knowledgein youroccupation area, it isliving the routine of a modern university campus It isunderstanding asworks in practice,international strategies It issolutions for your business. that is, by through initiatives whatencourage innovation and will make yourmost competitive business, in addition toexpand the network, putting you in contact withpotential partners It isrelevant informations that will take much longer for you to gain access alone or for them to reach theBrazil.

is also aONLY possibility to evaluate thecharacteristics and market conditions at the outsideIt isidentify the opportunities and PROCESSES that can improve the results of your company. Technical visits that show the reality of those who know the difficulties of thesector, and foundsolutionsIt isadjustments inproducts and services foryour company. In addition to finding out how yourproduct/service they arerecognized abroad.


All this in focus EXCLUSIVE in your industry! through aexperience enriching of interaction with othersparticipants It isinternational contacts qualified for thecompany perfect theperformance and expand youbusiness in Brazil.

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